Beloved Paintings 4.56

Beloved Paintings

Chapter 3

99,930 Nov 04,2019 - 23:51 PM Mimoto

The Mangakas's imagination about yuri stories behind famous paintings.
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Machigatta Ranobe No Tsukurikata 4.0

Machigatta Ranobe No Tsukurikata

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : Let S Write With Love

99,867 Jan 20,2016 - 10:26 AM Matsubayashi Satoru

From MH:How to create a light novel #1: Character. This is how Kirino begins her project of writing a light novel. She finds Suzuha standing outside and finds her attractive and asks her if she could be her model for her light novel. Kirino claims that she wishes to receive the rookie award, and top the popularity of the Haruhi light novel series. Suzuha declines, but Kirino refuses to give up and constantly stalks her to obtain as much information as possible about Suzuha. A hilarious comedy of unexpected events and sexual jokes begins here!
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Gekichu! 4.95


Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

99,820 Jan 21,2016 - 12:51 PM Hoshina Satoya

Sayori has had bad luck with men all her life. One day, she gets drunk and starts reminiscing her old clubmate, Kimika, when she moves in next door! What sort of past do the two have and what sort of future will they have now that they've met again after all these years?
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Honey Quartet 5.0

Honey Quartet

Vol.1 Chapter 8

99,460 Jan 20,2016 - 12:47 PM Tokoro Kemeko

Honey Quartet summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Honey Quartet. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Linkage 4.84


Chapter 5 : Present

99,424 Jan 20,2016 - 13:05 PM Kurata Uso

"Do you remember, the moment your love first began?"Two office workers who misunderstand their importance to one another, a young flautist and the woman who loves her, a rebellious schoolgirl who falls for a blind girl, two sisters who have always been close, and an AI researcher and her creation. None of these really has any 'link' to one another. The links are forged between the women in the relationships, and between them and us as we watch their love blossom into something real.Includes:• KakeraTwo sisters that are living in the same room. Their connection is a bit more than a normal sister-sister relationship. One of them eventually has some cruel reactions. What will be the end of it all, well read and see.• Hearing the Sound of BellsHirose Tomoko, a music conservatory student, never found the time to forge new friendships because of how dedicated and hardworking she was as a flute player. Then again, she was never a social bee like her active friend and fellow student-flute player, Okamoto Hiromi. Will Okamoto-san be able to convince Tomo-chin of her sincerest intentions or will Tomo-chin spend another Christmas alone with her flute?• Linkage• Kusari wa Mou Iranai• PresentKeiko looks the complete opposite of who she really is, appearing mean and ruthless while being a regular girl on the inside. Seeking asylum from both her incurable lonliness, she meets Haruka who happens to have the one defect that works in Keiko's favor...Source: Okazu
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Kimochi No Katachi 4.7

Kimochi No Katachi

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Kana Part 7

99,294 May 22,2019 - 12:43 PM Kitao Taki

Takenaka Satsuki, first year high school student and Library assistant, is secretly attracted to her Senpai, Kitamura Kano. With the help of an accepting friend, Satsuki must learn to overcome her own sense of what is 'normal' in order to embrace her feelings for the one she loves.
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I Am Not A Succubus 4.52

I Am Not A Succubus

Chapter 12.5: As Long As We Three Are Together

988,246 Jul 31,2021 - 01:56 AM Horitomo

Yamamura Sakura is an ordinary human girl that has recently transferred to a new school, but there's a twist! She has been placed in the "Aijin" class, Aijins being supernatural beings and demihumans! In her desperation to fit in in and to prove herself to her demihuman classmates, she tells a "small lie": That she's actually a succubus...and so begin her hectic High School days in a desperate attempt to fit in and hide this small lie!
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Ayame 14 4.23

Ayame 14

Chapter 15.2: Postscript

987,391 Oct 04,2020 - 12:40 PM Amano Shuninta

Ayame is 14 years old. More than a child, but less than an adult. Ayame is quickly becoming more interested in sex and sexuality and her close friends are facing similar confusion. This is a coming of age story surrounding the rapid changes and challenges of adolescence.
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Sweet Guilty Love Bites 4.65

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Love Bites (Part C)

98,782 Jan 20,2016 - 10:58 AM Amano Shuninta

From Okazu: Sweet Guilty Love Bites follows the trials and tribulations of 4 hostesses at Club Lilac. From Kawaii Scans: The series follows 4 hostesses at Club Rose and their relationships. It’s directed more towards an adult audience but manages to sneak in just enough cute to make it fun as well.
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Love Vibes 4.77

Love Vibes

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Part 7 [End]

98,665 Jan 21,2016 - 11:46 AM Sakurazawa Erica

From Lililicious:Shouji has a girlfriend but is seeing Mako on the side. Unable to continue pretending she feels less for him than she does, she breaks it off with him. Shortly before that happens, Mako is hit on by Mika, who tells Mako that she's interested in both men and women. Mika wants to pursue a relationship with Mako, but is Mako's relationship with Shouji really over?
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Suwajiku Himemonogatari 4.65

Suwajiku Himemonogatari

Chapter 1

98,661 Jan 20,2016 - 11:42 AM Tomato Sand [Add]

That day, I died at the train station and my mind got transferred inside to a body of a girl in a fantasy world.
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Otome Senshi Lovely 5! 4.3

Otome Senshi Lovely 5!

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Decisive Battle! Eco-Phantom Vs Lolita 5!

98,400 Jan 20,2016 - 12:09 PM Jounouchi Nene

From Tsundere Translations:Ogdoas Private Academy...Under the new, young headmistress, freedom, independence and self-fulfillment are the motto of this mission school. However, among the nuns there those who are concerned about order and morals within the school and who oppose the head-mistress's ideas.And without anyone knowing, right now, at this school... a battle between good and evil is about to take place!A continuation to Shion and Nashida-sensei's story called "Teacher's Pet" can be found in Yuri Hime Wildrose volume 2
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Fainda Goshi No Ano Ko 4.16

Fainda Goshi No Ano Ko

Chapter 7.5

98,218 May 11,2021 - 13:34 PM Kabocha

Hajime, a girl who can't seem to properly express her feelings into words, is worrying all on her own about the preparations for the cultural festival. This will be the last festival for her film club. There's always been things she's wanted to do for the festival, but like last year, she's given up and the festival will probably end without her doing what she wants to do.That's when she meets Kei Ichinose, another student at her schoolー
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Akanesasu Shoujo 4Koma Parallel 4.5

Akanesasu Shoujo 4Koma Parallel

Chapter 9

98,068 Jun 13,2019 - 01:53 AM Hashimoto Kurara

A 4-Koma comedy spin-off of the "Akanesasu Shoujo" anime series - a story about a group of high school girls going on adventures in parallel worlds where they meet different versions of themselves. This webcomic portrays daily lives of Asuka Tsuchimiya and Radio Research Society members that we don't get to see much in the anime.
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Tsubomi (Anthology) 4.41

Tsubomi (Anthology)

Vol.19 Chapter 3 : &dropout

970,400 Jun 01,2017 - 05:36 AM Acutta Fumie, Anthology, Hattori Mitsuru, Inugami Sukune, Kazuto Izumi, Kigi Tatsumi, Miyauchi Yuka, Naruko Hanaharu, Ogawa Kidari, Ootomo Megane, Sekiya Asami

• Love Fool, by Hattori Mitsuru An extremely short one-shot about two girls playing around in the water. • Camel, by Miyauchi Yuuka About addiction. • A Passing Story, by Ohtomo Megane A school doctor recounts a romance from her own school days • Heart Ablaze, by Miyauchi Yuuka Its about the pain and conflicting emotions of unrequited love • Unbalance, by Kigi Tatsumi Set in the same school as "Runner's High" from Tsubomi volume 1. It focuses on the interaction between the track team captain and the student council. • Michi, by Yoshida Mikiko About a girl who's worried that her girlfriend doesn't trust her. • Triangle of Love, by Ogawa Kidari • Roche Limit, by Sekiya Asami • The Snow Princess, by Mizutani Fuuka • Scissors and Fingers, by Inugami Sukune A girl tells a hairdresser about the feelings she has for a certain someone. • Massaging the Woman I Admire, by Amano Shiro Its about women who work in a salon. A trainee has to massage a senior employee as part of her work evaluation, so she picks the one she has a crush on. • God and the Rainbringer, by Yoshida Chiyu About a person that believes she can produce rain, a "Rain Woman". • Under, by Kazuto Izumi • Cotton Candy Love, by Tendou Kirin A woman steps in when she sees a girl being bullied. • My Beloved Kawano-san, by Acutta Fumie About a woman who's in love with a co-worker. The Ocean Meets the Sky, by Koume Keito • Monologue Love, by Shimano Yae A girl is insecure about her relationship. • First Love, by Suga Atsushi A girl in the calligraphy club received a love letter. * Another Kiss, by Yurihara Aki April is a vampire and she's currently freeloading at Hikari's home. • Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi, by Naruko Hanaharu A girl joins the pottery club to find out who made a vase she saw. • December's Melting Snow, by Kobano A sweet story about a disillusioned young woman and a lonely but cheerful girl on Christmas
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Yuri Danshi 4.83

Yuri Danshi

Vol.1 Chapter 4.2 : Yuri Danshi - Girls' Side

97,853 May 02,2017 - 21:33 PM Kurata Uso

From MangaHelpers:Hanadera Keisuke is obsessed with yuri, and he's read all the Yuri Hime manga. However, he is sadly aware that there is one thing a lesbian romance absolutely does not need-- him. One day, a student named Akane transferred to his class from an all-girls school. She used to go to school with another classmate, Saori, and Akane immediately tried to pick up their friendship. However, her clinginess, desire for alone-time, and intensity all convinced Keisuke that he was finally seeing yuri in reality! Soon enough, Keisuke had stalked them enough to see a love triangle between Saori, newcomer Akane, and their standoffish classmate Matsuoka. Is there truth to his observations, or is he viewing the world through yuri-tinted glasses? [tethysdust]
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