Magical Patissier Kosaki-Chan 4.71

Magical Patissier Kosaki-Chan

Chapter 42.5: Couple

999,445 Oct 04,2018 - 22:18 PM Tsutsui Taishi

Spiin-off series based on Komi Naoshi series Nisekoi.
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Akuma To Love Song 4.64

Akuma To Love Song

Chapter 91.5

999,013 Jun 21,2020 - 20:03 PM Tomori Miyoshi

Touzuka High School is a public school with a very low grade point average. One day, a girl, who had been expelled from the state's top school, St. Katria Girls' School, transfers in...Her name is Kawaii Maria. The official reason of her expulsion was due to "violence against the teacher." Because of straightforward comments, Maria starts to become isolated from her class...What is hidden in her past and what will happen to her? From Baka-Updates: Wiki Akuma to Love Song revolves around an unusual girl, Kawai Maria who was expelled from her previous school, St.Katria Girls' School, and soon transfers to Touzuka High School, a public school with low standards. Her sharp tongue and straightforward personality often leads everyone else to hate her with the exception of two handsome boys who eventually get involved with her. With a devil's aura like hers and an arrogant facade to pair it up with, it's just too hard to be understood. And so Maria needs to deal with bullying, adjusting, fitting in and romance. Just how will a devil like her cope with all these predicaments?
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Zettai Fukujuu Idol 4.56

Zettai Fukujuu Idol

Chapter 3 : End

99,359 Jun 13,2016 - 04:09 AM Nakamura Yukichi

A love comedy about a female university student who is secretly works as an underground idol and what happens when a super sadistic guy finds out that secret.
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Fukumenkei Noise 4.78

Fukumenkei Noise

Vol.17 Melody 2

988,936 Nov 11,2019 - 09:48 AM Fukuyama Ryouko

Nino is a girl who harbors feelings towards her friend, Momo. Just when she can no longer suppress her feelings, she encounters a boy who composes music...," and "What is the promise Nino made to a boy she met who composes music?"
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Hana To Kurumi To Amai Seikatsu 4.86

Hana To Kurumi To Amai Seikatsu

Vol.1 Chapter 7

98,963 Sep 14,2016 - 06:15 AM Ryouko

From Hoshikuzuu Scans: While studying horticulture in England, Minoru lands an internship as the assistant to Sakura Yuji, the brother of his favorite lecturer, Mika. However, despite Makoto’s stellar grades in school, Sakura has only been using him for common chores and cleaning up his personal belongings. He’s got a bad attitude and lives a messy life. But in terms of work, he is perfect. Will Makoto be swept up in this Sakura…?
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Mada Shiranai Oretachi 4.5

Mada Shiranai Oretachi

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : [End]

98,835 Jan 20,2016 - 12:54 PM Kujou Aoi

The feeling...not knowing a person is probably not that bad. The one moving in next door Kita is his classmate, Saitou. Until graduation, Saitou didn't seem to even know Kita's name. Thus, Kita tries to avoid him. Without knowing why, he's hiding his hurt heart. A collection of stories showing the pleasure of love by understanding each other and the endurance of pivotal declaration. (taken from back cover) 4. Refrain Reset 5. Double Bed (sequel of Refrain Reset) 6. The Shining Sun and Moon 7. Prism (sequel of The Shining Sun and Moon)
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Datte, Oishii No Ga Warui. 4.8

Datte, Oishii No Ga Warui.

Chapter 5 : Dancing On Your Desk

98,711 Feb 24,2017 - 18:02 PM Takanashi Morimichi

From justpeachyicedtea: Suzuki, who wakes up as usual, comes face to face with a stranger who says “I was just eating your dream”. This man, who shows up from time to time, now makes him crazy disgusting coffee. But being told his dreams are beautiful and delicious, Suzuki’s heart melts bit by bit.
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Blood+ 5.0


Vol.5 Chapter 1 : Ch17-20 (Fixed)

98,550 Nov 10,2016 - 18:22 PM Katsura Asuka

Set several decades after the events in the popular Blood: The Last Vampire anime film, an amnesiac Saya Otonashi lives as a seemingly normal high school student with her adoptive family in Okinawa. Horrible nightmares are the only hints at the violent life she once led, but her past is about to catch up with her and awaken the merciless warrior within. Chiropterans--powerful shape-changing creatures who need and crave blood-threaten humanity once more, and a mysterious organization called the Red Shield needs Saya's deadly sword skills and mysterious powers to aid in the fight against these beasts. As her submerged abilities begin to reawaken and as she seeks to regain her memories, Chiropteran warriors are guided by a mysterious leader to threaten Saya and her loved ones. Asuka Katsura's manga series successfully expands upon the original Production I.G/Aniplex feature, delivering moments of jarring violence and thrilling action in a tale that spans several centuries.
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Koakuma No Jikku! 4.71

Koakuma No Jikku!

Chapter 1

98,536 Nov 17,2016 - 02:22 AM Ichikawa Shou

Koakuma no Jikku! summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Koakuma no Jikku!. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Hiru To Yoru No Oishii Jikan 4.79

Hiru To Yoru No Oishii Jikan

Chapter 13 [End]

974,524 Jan 23,2021 - 00:05 AM Morikawa Yumi

"Today's dinner is omurice!" "Don't need it."A story of the cohabitation between a skilled high school chef and a middle aged novelist.After his father's move abroad, Asaoka Mahiru began living with one of his father's acquaintances; the indifferent novelist, Kitagawa Yoruko. Despite being close to other guys, she walks around without a bra and refuses to eat Mahiru's meals. His attempts at getting her to eat result in...!?
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Beauty Pop 4.94

Beauty Pop

Vol.10 Chapter 51.3 : Extra 3: Narumi S Routine

970,983 Jan 20,2016 - 14:28 PM Arai Kiyoko

From Viz: Although a truly gifted hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba has no interest in using her talent to pursue fame and fortune, unlike the three popular boys in the "Scissors Project" at school. Determined to become the best makeover team in Japan, they give showy makeovers to handpicked girls. As much as Kiri tries to shy away from the Scissors Project spotlight, she finds herself responding to beauty's call... Note: Beauty Pop Stage 2 is from volume 7 to 10. It is a continuation of Beauty Pop. This is because they were published after the hiatus. The whole series ends with 10 volumes.
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Doupo Cangqiong 4.74

Doupo Cangqiong

Chapter 357

97,667,954 Jan 02,2022 - 22:28 PM Tang Jia San Shao

From DesperateScanners: In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong makes the rules and weak has to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Xiao Yan, who has shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly three years ago lost everything, his powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?
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Hitorigurashi No Ol Wo Egakimashita 5.0

Hitorigurashi No Ol Wo Egakimashita

Vol.1 Chapter 8

96,566 Jul 27,2019 - 20:15 PM Yori Kurokawa

The life of a Japanese salaryman or OL (office lady) can be a thoroughly depressing one. Waking up early, working all day, staying out late for (mandatory) drinks with clients and coworkers, and then catching a few hours of sleep if you’re lucky, only to repeat it again and again and again.

This is the story of a “Single OL” and her pitiful lifestyle.
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Kimagure Orange Road 4.33

Kimagure Orange Road

Vol.18 Chapter 156

959,798 Jan 21,2016 - 12:04 PM Matsumoto Izumi

[Taken from Mang-Project]: KOR is the story of the Kasuga family, but mostly the oldest son, Kyosuke (who narrates), as they move to a new town after being found out to be a family of ESPers. Kyosuke meets a pretty young girl as he counts the "100 steps" (there may only be 99) that lead to his new school and is immediately smitten. However, by the end of the second episode, the pretty young girl, named Ayukawa Madoka (as in Japanese custom, I use the family name first) has agreed to help her best friend Hiyama Hikaru win Kyosuke. Thus, a love triangle is born that lasts for 18 volumes.Other manga:
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Koe Wa Shite Namida Wa Mienu Nure Karasu 4.6

Koe Wa Shite Namida Wa Mienu Nure Karasu

Vol.1 Chapter 3

95,756 Mar 31,2017 - 11:14 AM Unohana

Recently, Aizawa Seiji has been interested in his super cool, sexy and beautiful neighbor, Ugouda Rin, who attends the same university. One day, when he tries to get close to Rin, he’s informed that Rin is gay, and the moment Rin kisses him and tells him “Don't get close to me so carelessly,” Aizawa realizes his feeling towards Rin. Aizawa embraces him passionately and tells Rin “It's okay even if we are just sex friends.” From sex friends to irreplaceable lovers, how will their relationship change...?
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I Hate Love 4.62

I Hate Love

Chapter 46: Bad Feeling

945,435 Oct 07,2018 - 17:44 PM Lee Kyuh Wool

The various, daily life of the female student who hates love, Han Yeonsil. A romcom you can relate to!
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